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Business Law


Business and Small Business Law Services

Starting a Business or Managing One? We’re Here to Help! Starting and maintaining business filings, operating agreements, and managing negotiations and legal documentation can put a damper on running your actual day-to-day operations. Our office provides services for all forms of business legal documentation and provides detailed negotiation services for small and large businesses alike. We have a background in lending and business financial development and look forward to discussing your business plans with you.

Services We Offer

Preparing and Filing Business, LLC, and Corporate Filings

Drafting and Executing Business and Partnership Operating Agreements

Preparing, Negotiating, and Reviewing All Forms of Business Agreements

Preparing Employee Policies, Handbooks, and Internal Protocols

Drafting Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements

Drafting and Negotiating the Sale of a Business and/or Business Assets

Preparing Business Transfers Between Generations

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